Yun Yang Song


Lotus Lamps

“Lighting up thousands of lights, to repent and annihilate all sins”

According to the Buddhist Cannons, if people in their past lives always offer lights to Buddha in Buddhist Temples and Pagodas, they will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. In terms of physical body: bright eyes, solemn appearance, beautiful voice, free from illness;
  2. In terms of wisdom: peace of mind, intelligence, and able to differentiate good from evil;
  3. In terms of career: always meet good people, wishes always come true, have a happy and stable life, sufficient food and clothes;
  4. In terms of Karma: Born into prestigious families, seeing Buddha at the verge of death, and reborn in good realms when this life ends

Duration: One day

Lotus Lamps are available throughout the Year. Please visit us and light one today!