Yun Yang Song


Community Support

As part of Yun Yang Temple’s Aim, Master Ru-Sun and the disciples of Yun Yang Temple proactively supports the local community and the people within it.

City of Casey: Meals on Wheels

Once a fortnight, Venerable Master Ru-Sun and Yun Yang Temple disciples help to deliver packed meals to the elderly in their homes.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery: Song He Yuan

In September 2003, Venerable Master Ru-Sun and forty Yun Yang Temple disciples conducted a Buddhist ritual at the Song He Yuan. With the blessing from Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva, Venerable Master Ru-Sun cleansed the Song He Yuan with holy dew. This blessing and ceremony generated merits for the deceased and transformed the Song He Yuan into a Pure Land.

Venerable Master Ru-Sun also conducted the traditional release of life ceremony. After Repentance, taking refuge in the Triple Gems, making Vows and giving Buddhist teachings to all sentient beings, thirty gold fish were released.

In August 2007, the Di Zhang Wang Temple was officially opened by Venerable Master Ru-Sun. Venerable Master Ru-Sun also blessed the temple and a collection of Buddhist relics.

Under the advice of Venerable Master Ru-Sun, sculptures were specially imported from China and placed within the Song He Yuan.

Yun Yang Temple also conducts the Hungry Ghost Ceremony at the Song He Yuan every year. The Hungry Ghost Ceremony is an annual traditional transfer of merits Dharma ceremony and provides participants with an opportunity to acknoledge their debt of gratitude to departed ancestors and resolve resentment between enemies and creditors. This is done by generating merits during the ceremony.

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