Amitabha Zen

Pure Land Buddhism or otherwise known as ‘Amitabha Zen’ by Venerable Master Jing Guang is believed to be the most extraordinary and ultimate Zen Dharma in Buddhism. Most of us generally lack insight (Vipassana) and are unable to face our hearts sincerely. As such, just reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha is not sufficient to purify our mind to attain self-realization. Through the teachings and meditation methods from original Buddhism, Venerable Master Jing Guang hopes to help Pure Land Buddhist practitioners become more effective in reciting the name of the Buddha and successfully be reborn in the Pure Land in this lifetime. 

Reciting the name of the Buddha with the purest of mind, a mind with thoughts of only the Buddha, a mind where every thought is serene, a mind where every thought is Pure Land! It is the mind that recites the Buddha, it is the mind that becomes the Buddha, and it is the mind that is the Buddha! The mind, Buddhas and sentient beings, these three are without difference. 

One should trust Amitabha Buddha wholeheartedly and turn all thoughts and aspirations to the Pure Land. One should recite the Buddha’s name diligently, integrate into the sea of the Buddha’s wishes and gather with like-minded practitioners to witness the sea of Bodhi wishes! 

Yun Yang Temple holds an Amitabha Zen meditation class every Sunday, and regularly holds one day, three days and seven days Amitabha Zen retreats.  Attending these retreats will help participants free themselves from worries, and with minimal disturbance, participants will recite the name of the Buddha, call the Buddha to the mind, and bring all their attention to the Buddha.