The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna)

Only by having insight into the reality of life, can one remove the doubt of life and death; Only by seeing causes and conditions in the cycle of life and death, will one understand how to treat predestined relationships and life experiences kindly. Only by seeing the Four Foundations of Mindfulness clearly, will one know life as it really is.

What we call life is composed of the body, feelings, mind and mental objects, and by practicing mindfulness of the Four Foundations, we learn to recognize that the body, feelings, mind and mental objects is not me, not owned by me nor by others. It is only the manifestation of karma. By realizing these truths, we will have no perception of a self, no perceptions of a person, no perception of sentient beings and no perception of lifespan. What we see is only the causes and conditions and this is the first step. 

As we practice mindfulness, we deepen our awareness and learn to see dependent origination, realize non-existence, know that all phenomena are illusions and witness oneness of emptiness and awareness. Thus, the Buddha said “There is a most wonderful way to help living beings realize purification, directly overcome grief and sorrow, end pain and anxiety, travel the right path, and realize Nirvana. This way is the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.”

Yun Yang Temple holds the Four Foundations of Mindfulness meditation class every Sunday, and regularly holds one day, three days and seven days retreats. Attending these retreats will help participants free themselves from worries, and with minimal disturbance, focus on practicing the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. With like-minded practitioners and under the guidance of the master, participants will learn how to look inwards to achieve peace of the body and mind. Participants will also learn to see the life as it is, understand the reality of life, and achieve liberation of body and mind!