Yun Yang Song


Yun Yang Compassionate Society

The Members of Yun Yang Compassionate Society are known as Fortune Members. This society is local and its sole purpose is to support Yun Yang Temple and its activities. All the membership fees stay in the temple to help maintain the temple, pay the temple bills, pay for the day to day running of the temple, and so forth.

Fortune Members Benefits:

  1. Fortune member’s birthday will be celebrated on the third week of the month in the Guan Yin Shrine.
  2. Fortune members will receive the Yun Yang magazines and newsletters on a regular basis.
  3. Fortune members will be give priority to Yun Yang Temple facilities. They will also be given incentives to participate in Yun Yang Temple’s activities.
  4. The audio and video section of the library is only open to fortune member’s use only.
  5. Fortune members who have been a member for a year or more will receive a large blessing tablet during the Buddha Day Celebration in April of each year. Each tablet costs $1000 but for Fortune members, it is free. This blessing tablet is for good health, good fortune and happiness.

Additional Benefits (Moral and Spiritual Care)

  1. Chanting in private premises for blessing one’s home, birthdays and the newborn.
  2. Chanting to help the ill and sick at the temple, their homes and the hospital.
  3. Provide spiritual guidance and support for bereaved relatives.
  4. Provide transport when needed and any other assistance as required.
  5. Participate in the City of Casey’s Meals on Wheels.
  6. Provide members with an opportunity to participate in charitable activities and to enhance their compassion and understanding through organised charitable events.

Fortune Members Obligations:

  1. Fortune members are obliged to pay a monthly membership fee of $50.
  2. Fortune members should endeavour to support the activities conducted by Yun Yang Temple.

A person generates good merits through practising generosity and supporting the temple. Besides material gains, there is also spiritual gain. What you sow is what you reap.