Yun Yang Song


Yun Yang Temple

In December 1993, Venerable Master Ru-Sun was invited by Disciples to teach Buddhism in Australia. The Disciples responded with great enthusiasm and purchased a thirty-two acre plot of land that is bound by a creek, old pine trees and beautiful grassland. Yun Yang Temple (Australia) Inc. was established in April 1995.

Yun Yang Temple (Australia) Inc. is located at 6-10 Reservoir Road, Narre Warren North, 1 hour Southeast of Melbourne. Nestled in 32 acres of parkland and gardens, it is surrounded by fauna and flora. Being far away from the hustle and bustle of city living, it provides a conducive environment for Dharma practice. After basic renovations, the existing farm house was converted into a Ch’an practise Temple. In order to accomodate different devotees, Pure Land practice was also introduced. Due to the ever-increasing number of followers and visitors, the existing facilities were unable to meet demand. At the same time, there was a strong request from the devotees for a formal main shrine. Under these circumstances, the Temple committee decided to initiate a master plan for the construction.

The new Main Shrine Building is 14 meters high with the Reception and Lecture Hall on the ground floor. The first floor will be used as the Main Shrine, accomodating the Buddha statues and Thousand Buddha Altar. On both sides of the Main Shrine will be the Meditation Hall and Multi-function Hall. Forty meditation huts are also designed for the retreat requirements. In addition, the Buddhist Chinese garden consists of a white marble pagoda, bridge, pavilion, beautiful plants, lotus pond and a 1.7 kilometers track, which will provide an excellent environment for spiritual cultivation.

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