1. Buddhist Families

Yun Yang Temple encourages all families of its members and devotees to take refuge in the Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and to uphold the five precepts (refrain from killing, stealing, improper sexual conduct, improper speech and intoxication). Family practices are held every week to help and encourage friends and relatives of its members and devotees to learn, practice and spread the Dharma.

2. Respect for the elders

Fulfilling filial duty (or paying respect to the elders) is a Chinese tradition. Birthday celebrations are held on a regular basis to promote the old ritual of children paying respect to their parents. The celebrations provide an opportunity for the children to express their gratitude to their parents for the hardship and sacrifices their parents endured in bearing them, bringing them up, providing for them and guiding them. It is a way of saying “thank you” to their parents. Transference of merits ritual is also held for the members and devotees on a regular basis. This is to help them to transfer their good deed to their relatives so that their relatives can be relieved from suffering in endless kalpas.

3. Caring for the old and sick

The sick and dying people need care and support the most. Upon request by the family members, Venerable Master Ru-Sun leads his compassionate team to the hospital or the home of the old and sick to provide him or her emotional and spiritual support.

4. Recuperation

Yun Yang Temple cares for the health of its members and devotees by inviting experienced and skilful traditional Chinese doctors to the temple for consultation. Many members and devotees’ illnesses have been cured due to the compassion and the skills of these doctors. The Venerable Master Ru-Sun plans to establish a centre in Melbourne for convalescent persons to practice Buddhism and receive spiritual support from the temple.

5. Extending the wisdom of Buddha

Yun Yang Temple has established an education centre to propagate and advocate the Buddha’s teachings, to raise the Sangha (monk)’s talent and to promote Buddhist cultures and arts.

6. Setting up a cultural centre

Yun Yang School was set up to promote traditional ethical virtues and various kinds of arts and crafts.