Yun Yang Temple propagates traditional Dharma teachings including Ch’an meditation and Pure Land practice. Yun Yang Temple aims to serve the community and carry forward the teachings of Venerable Master Ru-Sun which involves accommodating with conditions, accommodating with happiness, and accommodating with capabilities. 

Yun Yang Temple would like to express gratitude to those who have made bodhisattva wishes and have bodhisattva hearts, and continue to support Buddhist temples in propagating the teachings of the Buddha. 

Giving with a heart of gratitude generates tremendous merits which benefit not only oneself, but also others. Your generosity in donating to Yun Yang Temple will enable the temple to offer meaningful and beneficial Dharma activities to sentient beings.  

The three types of donations at Yun Yang Temple includes: 

  • Temple funds – for the general maintenance of Yun Yang Temple and ongoing expenses such as water, electricity and gas; offerings to Buddha including incense, fruits, water and flowers; Sangha daily living expenses; and other supplies. 
  • Assisting in the printing of sutras – for printing sutras; distributing sutras; and helping others to understand and practice the Dharma, venerate the Buddha, ensure the Wheel of Dharma turns.
  • Meal offering – Yun Yang Temple provides complimentary vegetarian meals to the community during Dharma ceremonies and the various group practices. To provide food to those who practice Dharma is a way of supporting their learning and practice. Donors will generate good karma and merits in making meal offerings.

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