Venerable Master Ru-Sun

Venerable Master Ru-Sun has been studying Buddhism since childhood and during his adolescence, practised Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism with his Dharma friends. Master Ru-Sun has also studied both the Ch’an (Zen) and Pure Land methods of meditation, and received full ordination and took the Bhiksu’s precepts with the 40th Linji Sect patriarch, Ch’an Master Bai Yun. Aftercompleting his studies at Ch’an Master Bai Yun’s Chief Sun Monastery, Master Ru-Sun travelled to many places to further his studies. On several occasions, Master Ru-Sun has travelled to Thailand, India and China to learn Dharma and the origins of Buddhism from great masters.

Venerable Master Ru-Sun & Yun Yang Temple

In 1991, Venerable Master Ru-Sun arrived at Whitehorse Mountain. The quiet environment of the mountain allowed him to practise diligently and to cultivate on his own until he was discovered by the local people. Upon request by local devotees, the White Horse Temple (Today’s Yun Yang Temple in Taiwan) was established in the area. Since then, Venerable Master Ru-Sun has dedicated his life to propagating the teachings of the Buddha (the Dharma).

In May, 1992, the Taipei Temple was established near Yin He Cave in Xin Dian, following the request of the disciples from Jing Mei and Xin Dian areas.

In December 1993, upon the invitation of the Melbourne devotees, Venerable Master Ru-Sun came to Australia to propagate the Dharma. In July 1994, Melbourne devotees purchased a 32-acre land and in April 1995, Yun Yang Temple (Australia) Inc. was established.

In July 1996, the Malaysian devotees invited Venerable Master Ru-Sun to Malaysia. Hence, the Ipoh Temple and the Kuala Lumpur Puchong Temple were established respectively.

Venerable Master Ru-Sun’s Teachings

Venerable Master Ru-Sun always advises his disciples:

“Learning Buddhism is to be responsible for your own life, and to understand that your suffering is created by your own self. The Good and the Bad have its specific way. One must always adjust his Five Aggregates, Mind and Body, so that we can live in peace, harmony and happiness. All things are created by our mind. If our mind is peaceful, then we will be happy.”

Venerable Master Ru-Sun’s wishes to all sentient beings:

“May all beings cultivate both merit and wisdom!
May all beings achieve Buddhahood”