29 September of the Lunar Calendar is the birthday of Medicine Buddha, the Lord of the Eastern Pure Glazed World. When practicing the Bodhisattva Way, Medicine Buddha made the Twelve Great Vows, vowing that all sentient beings in the Saha world would be free from poison, sickness, and diseases of the body, mouth, and mind, and that they would be guided to liberation, and in accordance with the Twelve Great Vows, become a Buddha and live in the Pure Glazed World.

During the Medicine Buddha Ceremony, devotees from all over the world will recite sutras, chant names, worship icons, light lamps, make offerings, and pray for blessings from the Medicine Buddha, all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in all directions to protect all sentient beings from disasters and for the safety of all families. The merits and virtues generated from the Medicine Buddha Ceremony will be reverted to world and national peace, and for the Dharma to continue forever.