Sponsoring a Buddha statue in a Buddhist temple has a unique meaning and incredible merits. Among the ten great vows of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, the first is to pay homage and respect to all Buddhas, the second is to praise the Thus Come One Tathagata, and the third is to make abundant offerings. Sponsoring a Buddha statue is a way to show our respect and praise to all Buddhas. Seeing the image of Buddha can help us remember and praise the virtues and wisdom of the Buddha. To inspire us to turn inwards and to think of equalling the Buddha and in the end, to achieve enlightenment.

Yun Yang Temple’s Thousand Buddha Mandala is located in the Main Shrine and is open to sponsorship. In sponsoring a Buddha statue of Shakyamuni at Yun Yang Temple, your name or a name of your choosing will be placed on the statue. Yun Yang Temple will also prepare a longevity tablet for the sponsor at the next Dharma ceremony. The money from sponsoring a Buddha statue will serve as temple funds and will go a long way in supporting the activities at Yun Yang Temple.

The ten merits of building a temple described in the Lotus Flower Sutra:

  1. One’s bad karma will be decreased or evaded.
  2. One will be protected by Heavenly Guardians and avoid misfortune.
  3. One will evade all obstacles, suffering and vengeful enemies.
  4. One will be free from inflictions of evil beings.
  5. One will break away from afflictions and illusions.
  6. One will have ample clothing and good, good fortune and enjoy a high position.
  7. One’s speech and actions will be well respected by people and Heavenly beings.
  8. One will accumulate merits and wisdom.
  9. One will be reborn in favourable realms with good appearance, fortune and wisdom.
  10. One will be reborn in places where there are Buddhist teachings and attain Buddhahood quickly.

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