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Wisdom Lamps

“According to the Buddhist Cannons: When people offer lights to Buddhas in Buddhist Temples and Pagodas, they could repent and eradicate their sinful karma;
Like the lights of the Buddha’s wisdom, it shines through the darkness of ignorance; to repent and annihilate all sins; henceforth arising of wisdom and understanding, to the realisation of the ultimate wisdom of Paramita!

The Buddha said: “lights” are a symbol of brightness and wisdom. Hopefully through the meaning of offering “lights”, one can ignite one’s heart to “light up” its original nature.

Offering lights to Buddha is an important offering in Buddhism practice.”

Types of Wisdom Lamps:

Wisdom Lamp 

Wisdom Lamp

Tai Sui Lamp 

Your family’s names (Large) or your name (Top Row or Normal) in English or Chinese will be placed on a Lamp.

Duration: One Year (From the beginning of each Chinese New Year and will be taken down the following.)

Registration is open throughout the year, but limited in number.

Please contact us if you are interested in lighting a Wisdom Lamp today!

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