Yun Yang Song


Yun Yang Values

Accommodate with Conditions

One should accept one’s destiny without objections. For example, if one is destined to be the children’s father or mother, then one must play the role of a father or a mother well, be responsible in providing for the children and bringing the children up as good members of the community. As fathers or mothers, you do not complain about hardship and sufferings the children have caused you to endure. This is because the children and yourselves are destined to meet in this world. The union of the children and yourself as a family unit at the present time is the result of the “cause and effect” (karma) of your past lives. This goes on to say that when your destiny appears in whatever forms, do not reject it; and when your destiny disappears in the thin air, do not regret it.

Accommodate with Happiness

Whatever forms your destiny is in, accept your destiny with joy. Whether the condition of your present life is harsh or easy, whether your life is long or short, your life is the cause and effect or karma of your past doings. One should accept one’s good or bad karma with joy and spend time and effort now in performing good deeds for the benefit of all humanity. By doing so, one’s bad karma can be reduced or prevented and good karma can be created.

Accommodate with capabilities

One should accept one’s present position and fulfil one’s responsibilities and duties. Do not be conscious about others who are in a better or worse position than you and do not place any attachment to the status. Carrying one’s responsibilities and duties according to one’s ability wholeheartedly will benefit both oneself and others. For example, if one has the ability to do the work but one is not doing it, then one is not fulfilling one’s responsibilities and duties. On the other hand, if one does not have the ability to do the work but force oneself into doing it, then one is not fulfilling one’s responsibilities and duties neither.